About Us

About Us

Hotspot takes pride in having the most incredible assortment of spirits and liqueurs in Texas. Over time, people have come to know and love our store in the heart of Texas' thriving as a sort of Aladdin's Cave filled with uncommon, bizarre, and unique works of the distiller's craft.

We have been a family-run business with many years of liquor experience, and we are located in Texas, where we welcome visitors from around the nation. Our wonderful shop, which has the most extensive selection of wines and spirits in Texas, should be on the list for fans of grape and grain.

You will discover over 1000 Whiskies, over 550 different Gins (the most extensive selection in the South West), 400 other Rum's, 90 Cognac and Armagnac, and liqueurs, corralejo tequila red, Mezcal, and Eau de vies. Our range of over 1400 wines covers all wine-growing regions of the world, from inexpensive everyday wines to luxury vintage Grand Cru wines and jack daniel's legacy edition sour mash Tennessee whiskey. We also supply restaurants, hotels, bars, and licensed premises throughout the country.

Additionally, we frequently conduct tastings with renowned winemakers and distillers to give visitors a unique understanding of the creation, background, and skill behind every bottle on our shelf.

Our passionate wine professionals, mostly former connoisseurs from prestigious restaurants, are committed to providing the most remarkable caliber of customer care to each of our visitors.

In addition, if we need the bottle you're looking for, we will work tirelessly to find it. We will deliver your wine as soon and safely as possible, whether you want it sent to you in Texas, or elsewhere. As a meticulous team, we intend to develop the world's finest wine shop, and as such, we make no concessions regarding quality.

To keep the wines in perfect condition, our room is entirely temperature- and humidity-controlled with heat-free lighting. But don't worry; you can stay warm by wrapping yourself in a cozy throw and sipping excellent good wines at our comfortable tasting station from our Enomatic machines.

Please feel free to call us if you need help deciding what to purchase; we'll be happy to offer suggestions to assist you in choosing the ideal wine or Spirit for any celebration. We hope you enjoy perusing our selection of beverages online, and if you are in this lovely part of Texas, we'd love to see you in person.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Since the launch of the Hotspot, we've worked to create a world community that shares our enthusiasm for fine spirits. We support promoting producers we are enthusiastic about, encourage discovery, and spread our collective expertise. We'll always discover the most excellent bottles for you, whether you're buying on our online, visiting one of our events, or visiting one of our physical Texas liquor stores.


Our variety

Nothing brings our enthusiasts together like having a good glass of something. We have traveled the world in pursuit of new flavors, discovering hidden gems in the obscure, unappreciated, and undervalued. Our variety of vintage & rare spirits, unique bottlings, and new releases is carefully chosen while yet being diversified.

Our Future

Anyone who has ever put down a bottle or filled a keg knows that the beverage industry is about making plans for tomorrow. We aim to expand the community we started during our first two decades and keep enhancing the consumer experience as we move forward. We've always been early investors and will keep increasing our commitment to the environment and humanitarian endeavors.

We look forward to sharing them with you since there are always new spirits to try, producers to get to know, or cocktails to mix.

Why pick us

Why pick us

Hotspot’s main goal is to serve clients in the on-trade, specialty retail, and direct consumer markets with top-notch goods and services in our retail locations in Texas. All of our staff members have advanced wine and spirits training, and they are pleased to utilize their knowledge to advise and help you.

To improve your buying experience, we offer various services, such as special events, master courses, free local delivery, and a click-and-collect option on our newly redesigned website. Our buying and account teams have cultivated great working connections with restaurants, five-star hotels, select city bars and clubs, and country gastropubs for the on-trade. Additionally, we serve a rising number of independent retail stores with our expanding wine selection and well-known alcohol brands.

Our employees in logistics, a contemporary delivery fleet, and a storage infrastructure that allows us to serve the majority of Texas assist all sectors of the business.

Along with delivering a wide variety of international brands, Hotspot takes pleasure in the unique portfolio it strives to source from all over the world painstakingly. We have searched for unusual items for over 40 years, choosing them based on provenance, distinctiveness, and, above all else, excellent quality. An extensive selection of premium brands that have been carefully selected is what sets us apart. Japan's Matsui and Kurayoshi, Sweden's Spirit of Hven, and (a bit closer to home)

The English Whisky Company, located in Norfolk, is among the whiskies we offer. From the famous distillers Francois Voyer, Pierre Vaudon, and Chateau de Laubade, we import Cognacs and Armagnacs. Before we consider the mezcal and tequila of Los Danzantes, Alipus, and Calle 23, several are a bit more specialized, such as Linie's aquavit and old-school genever from Amersterdam's Van Wees.

Our wine inventory, which has expanded significantly over the last years, is similarly diversified and was painstakingly assembled by our in-house Master of Wine, Jeremy Lithgow. Our wines come from award-winning winemakers from many nations and styles, including Chile's De Gras, Australia's Penley Estate, the United States' Elk Cove, and Greece's Artemis Karamolegos, Chateau Carras, and Tsiakkas, which honors our Greek heritage. We also offer a variety of only imported beers, including art car beer, Coedo, medallion vsop, and Fix. Our most recent sake arrivals, Shichiken from Japan and Kanpai from nearby Peckham, delighted us.

In light of everything said above, we are more eager than ever to look toward the future as we resume our four-decade quest of providing drinks to people worldwide.


Our Team

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