What is Craft beer?

The bulk beer departments in American supermarkets and little bodegas must be handcrafted. Instead, one of a select few global beverage giants produces, packages, and sells them in bulk.

But if you pay close attention, you'll often see the unique, somewhat more costly, locally-produced beers present alongside them in lesser amounts. Craft beer is frequently used to describe a beer produced in a small, independent, conventional brewery. Such a beverage is created, not made.

In contrast to the significant corporate breweries, a microbrewery (or craft brewery) is often recognized for producing modest volumes of beer and is owned and run individually. The fact that microbreweries prioritize beer quality and taste above bulk production is one of the critical reasons for their rapid expansion and increased popularity. In addition, microbreweries try to provide novel and intriguing flavors exclusive to their line of beers by frequently adopting unconventional brewing techniques!

What is known, though, is that craft beer frequently refers to brews that are "made" to create premium beverages with a focus on flavor. Craft brewers produce a wide range of beers, such as lagers, ales (particularly India Pale Ales (IPA), stouts, porters, and sours), and lager-style beers (which include Pilsners, pale and dark lagers, and Oktoberfest beers).

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