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Innovation is the lifeblood of contemporary beer. Given how much they enjoy beer, it should not be surprising that there are about 9000 breweries in the United States. More than 8,000 and counting brewers around the country release thousands of new IPAs, stouts, pilsners, and other tasty concoctions every year. You could try a handful of different beers every day and never even measure up to trying them all; another new IPA might be released before you finish the previous one.

Finding the best brewery to visit might be difficult with expanding breweries around the US. We created this list of the best breweries in the US for that reason. We've found the Best Breweries for beer and wine lovers, so you don't need to waste time browsing infinite Google results!

So here we are going to discuss the Top 6 craft breweries:

1. City Built 

One of the best micro beers in America, City Built, is from Grand Rapids, Beer City. In addition to producing traditional beers, CEO Edwin Collazo's fermenters also have "drinkable, complex" brews made with a variety of exotic fruits and spices and experimental brewing techniques. Its talent distinguishes the city Built for creating accolade-winning labels.

City Built is renowned for its sophisticated imperial stouts, pilsners, & pilsners, but its flagship IPA is a must-try. A hazy IPA featuring Citra, Befuddlement, Eldorado, & Sabro hops that have been double dry-hopped. The energizing beverage has a delicious mango, grapefruit, & fresh, ripe pineapple scent.

2. Mikkeller

Mikkeller in Denmark is a company that specializes in a wide range of beer varieties, including hops, malt, barrel-aged, spontaneously fermented, and fruit beers. It has 250 locations of bars, clubs, and restaurants throughout 37 countries.

Mikkel Borg Bjergs, a highly regarded Danish brewery, was established in 2003 as a teacher's kitchen experimentation. Since then, they have exported their craft beer to more than 50 nations. The IPA, lager, pilsner, stout, black lager, pale ale, & sour ale are among the most popular beer varieties. It also includes in the list of best European craft breweries.

3. Cloudburst Brewing

This small Seattle brewery is well-known for its cloudy brews and focuses on IPAs and Old World styles like Helles lagers & pilsners. Although several taphouses provide the brand's well-known brews, choosing from the various changing options at the original Cloudburst location is among the best ways to do so. Their transparent lagers have garnered bronze and silver awards, and Cloudburst was selected as one of the Great American Beer Festival's Breweries of the Year in 2017. It is also the best microbeer in America.

It has a faint haze and is renowned for its incredibly smooth, somewhat bitter, and lemony finish. The well-known IPA is brewed with Chinook, Amarillo, & Citra hops and has rich orange and passionfruit smells!

4. Tempest Brewing Co

Tempest Brewing Co., an honorable brewery, started in a garage in Christchurch, New Zealand, around 2010. Later, company founder Gavin relocated the business to Scotland. With the opening of a new brewhouse (30HL brewery) in Tweedbank, they are continuing to grow their business. In 2017, they also had the opportunity to host the Springfest and Oktoberfest events.

IPA, pale ale, barrel-aged scotch ale, alcohol-free pale stout, lager, & spiced imperial stout are some of their most well-liked craft beer varieties.

5. Lincoln's Beard Brewing Co

John Falco, the founder of Lincoln's Beard, apparently believes that he can be among the kindest people in beer, contribute to the well-being of an entire neighborhood, and remain anonymous. Hardly! We're here to demolish his claim and give credit where credit is due for Lincoln's Beard.

Since 2016, Lincoln's Beard, a mainstay in the Miami beer scene, has been producing outstanding beer, outstanding artwork, and excellent vibes. However, unless you are a local, it's unlikely that you are aware of this undiscovered treasure. Lincoln's Beard has worked hard and with humility to establish South Florida as a destination for craft beer enthusiasts.

6. Hill Farmstead Brewery

Offering one of the most desirable beers in the world, the iconic Hill Farmstead Brewery also holds the top rank. They offer a wide variety of beer varieties, such as fruit beer, single hop, wheat ale, as well as Indian pale ale.

The brewery, whose inventor Shaun E. Hill started in 2010 as a high-school hobby, has advanced considerably in just ten years. Fruited ales, including cherries and raspberries, are among their most recent introductions. Other well-liked beer varieties are American India Pale Ale and Helles, Marie, and ales made with organic German malts.


There is nothing more satisfying than enjoying a few frothy beers with your closest friends while also enjoying your favorite snacks. While you might be tempted to stick with your old favorites, that's why We give you some well-known and unique kinds of breweries from all over the world. So what are you still holding out for? View all of these top breweries producing ales, lagers, and more from across the globe.

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