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Top Craft Beers And Whisky You Don’t Want To Miss

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Nothing can be more exciting than to be a whisky drinker and beer lover. Besides the best craft beer and whisky brands that have been delighting lovers of the spirit for many years comes a new inflow of distilleries making slight differences to switch things up.

Similarly, Craft beer has accelerated over the past 30 years, and it does not look to be slowing up anytime shortly. There’s already a great craft brewery in every state, and new types of craft beer pop up each year. If you consider yourself a serious beer drinker, you should know about varieties like hazy IPAs, session beers, sours, hopscotch craft beer, and wild ales.

Whiskey and top whiskey brands

Before we dive into the bear brands of whiskey, let's first know about what whiskey is made of and popular whiskey regions.

What is whisky, and how is it prepared

  • Whiskey is an umbrella phrase for aged spirits created from cereal grains that can be produced anywhere in the world
  • Almost all whiskeys use either corn, wheat, rye, oats, or barley, and many use a mixture of two or three different grains. The different proportions of grains utilized play an essential role in determining the end profile of a whiskey
  • The variety of oak and the quantity of time a whiskey spends in a barrel are also essential determinants of how a whiskey will taste.

Popular Whiskey Regions

  • The most famous types of whiskey are Scotch from Scotland, Irish Whiskey, Canadian Whisky, Japanese Whisky, and bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey from the United States.
  • Each country has laws regarding grain usage, what type of barrels the spirit must age in, and how long the whiskey must age before being released.

Top-rated brands of whiskey

Though there are many brands of whiskey that whiskey lovers love, some of the top brands include

Glenmorangie Signet

  • With Glenmorangie Signet, you can not go wrong because this is a household name and logic. The brand understands what works and sticks to it.
  • The distillery’s successful recipes have barely changed for two centuries, and it’s a consistent winner.
  • The beautiful aroma is the first thing that will attract you. Warm coffee, ginger, and cinnamon, followed by dark chocolate and tiramisu in their pleasant aroma, will blow your mind.
  • The taste is a burst of mocha and dark chocolate with a tinge of apricot and exotic spices. You will end on a note of creamy cappuccino and amaretto with bitter-sweet orange.

Macallan 12-Year Double Cask

  • If you want the fairest value for money with your next bottle of Scotch whisky, the safest stake is Macallan 112-YearDouble Cask. It is an affordable drink, both for the pallet and your wallet, yet complex and rich in flavor.
  • Acclaimed from the Highland region of Scotland, Macallan is the iconic distillery known for winning several awards.
  • The extensive range of notes from this bottle makes it a delightful drink to sip. This Scotch whisky flawlessly combines notes of fruits, caramel, and oak spices from Sherry-seasoned European oak with cheerful citrus and vanilla notes of Sherry-seasoned American oak. The result is a pleasingly rich and perfectly balanced flavor experience.

Best Craft beer brands

There is a long list of craft beers brand around the world, but here are some of the best craft beer brands include.

Black is beautiful

  • Intended to raise awareness of racial injustice, Marcus Baskerville, the head brewer and a founder of Weathered Souls in San Antonio, made the collaborative Black Is Beautiful beer project.
  • Breweries worldwide make a version of Baskerville’s rich and roast recipe, then contribute the proceeds to organizations promoting police reform, equality, inclusion, and similar initiatives.
  • Black Is Beautiful is popular due to its intense notes of coffee, toffee, roasted malts, and a lingering malty and mildly bitter finish.

Hazy Little Thing

  • One of America’s fastest-growing IPAs is Hazy Little Thing. The airtight recipe attributes oats and wheat, which deliver a smooth body and foggy hue, and a blend of six hops, including tropical Citra and el dorado.
  • This beer sips smooth and fruity, the juiciness equalized by just a bit of bitterness.
  • Whether you buy it at gas stations, grocery stores, or your favorite beer bar, Hazy Little Thing is assured to be a winner.

Athletic Brewing

  • Athletic Brewing is rebuilding the nonalcoholic beer category with its lineup of alcohol-free sour ales, IPAs, stouts, and other styles of craft beer.
  • Gore is a huge fan of the 50-calorie golden ale, prepared with organic malts and a blend of English and American hops.
  • Upside Dawn is a beer perfect for those looking to finish out alcohol completely.


Summing up the discussion with the fact that these whisky and craft beer brands are bringing up unique flavor profiles, distinctive aging methods, and thinking up new techniques as time passes to maintain the drink at the forefront of our minds.

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