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Undoubtedly, canned cocktails and hard seltzers are among the most famous boozy drinks of the summer, but not anymore, as a fresh and flavorsome Busch light apple is now everyone's favorite summer refreshment.

Although, it is better to stick with a classic beer occasionally, and for those events, Busch Light launched an apple lager that you would surely wish to keep in your cooler.

Bush light apple has gained immense popularity since its release, and it's not going to fade anytime soon, so let's explore what this drink is all about.

Busch Light's first flavor innovation

Recently, Busch Light has witnessed a massive rise in popularity. Be it light beer drinkers or value drinkers; both admire the classic beer brand. Yet, the beer brand has to think about innovation to influence beer drinkers to grasp a Busch Light from the beer aisle.

It's for the very first time that Busch Light has invented a flavor innovation in the form of Busch light apple.

Busch Light Apple has natural apple flavors to a light lager. Let's clarify that this new drink is a lager; neither it's a cider nor a hard seltzer. It is an apple-flavored beer.

Though Busch beer has been there for 65 years, this new beer is a tremendous effort toward the brand, and it is honoring the occasion with a big announcement. As per Daniel Blake, VP of Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch. “We tested this flavor and knew immediately that our fans would love the crisp, refreshing taste. Our fans have reacted incredibly to everything we have done this year, and with this limited-time run, we know they will be moving quickly to try it before it’s out of the market.”

Besides all the entertaining announcements, the actual justification for popping up open a can is the taste. With the increase in fruit-influenced beverages, this new beer looks to be on trend.

Busch Light apple taste:

As it was launched in the summer, this beer is a lovely drink to enjoy on a hot summer night. As you open the can, you will feel the noticeable apple aroma as if you have chewed into a juicy apple. Meanwhile, there is a tinge of lager that hangs in the air.

If you notice the color, it looks exactly like a light lager. Viewed from a distance, you might be unable to differentiate this beer from a classic Busch Light. But a sip will surely make you feel a difference in flavor.

Altogether, the flavor is charming, like a honey crisp or a fiji apple flavor. You can call this beverage more apple-forward than lager-forward.

Drinking Busch Light Apple:

Now comes the interesting point, and that is how you should enjoy this crispy, refreshing drink.

You can have Busch Light Apple to relax after a hot summer day, and drinking it super cold will make your mood chilled throughout the day.  

You can also pair this beverage with a cheese plate. Likewise, apples on a cheese plate, this beer would pair nicely with a combination of cheeses.

You can also enjoy it after a meal because it is up to you whatever way you want it.

Calories and Alcohol content of Busch light apple

Whenever a new drink launches, the immediate question that comes to mind is about the alcohol content and the calories it contains.

Busch Light Apple has 4.1% ABV, 130 Calories, some amount of protein, and 11g of carbs. Calories and carbs are a little higher than Busch and Busch Light which is not bad for a specialty beer.

Availability of Busch Light Apple

Busch light apples are not available in all states, so you might be the envy of your beer-drinking fans who do not reach to take a sip. If you are in the state where this delicious beverage is available, the beer comes in 12, 24, and 30 packs of 12 oz cans. Furthermore, there are 16 oz cans available as well.


Last but the least, if you love drinking cocktails or beers, then you can't stop yourself from trying this phenomenal Busch light apple. Buy it online or grab it from your nearby store to adore your taste buds with this delicious beer.

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