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5 Reasons to Stock Up on Bud Light Lime Kegs

Bud light lime kegs

The increased popularity of flavored beers among the new generation has made the brewing industry continuously introduce natural and unique flavors to keep their brand in demand. Bud light lime kegs is among those famous brands that constantly bring new flavored beers to attract more consumers.

Bud light is an American-style premium Light Lager beer that is the mostwanted of all beer varieties in the States. Bud light has a specialty of great brewing with the use of a diverse of premium quality hop varieties that possess a rich aroma. Sometimes these varieties are native or American, while most of the time, these are imported from various parts of the world, such as the booming hop farms in Germany.

In 2008, Bud light introduced a new flavored Beer, Bud Light Lime Beer. It is a traditional Bud Light beer you are familiar with and love, but it is created with natural lime peels.

Let us have a look at what Bud light lime is all about and the reasons that you should stock Bud light lime.

Bud Light Lime Production

The production of this light lager involves brewing that utilizes a mixture of premium aroma hop varieties, barley malts, rice, and natural lime peels. Bud Light Lime is a high-quality beer produced without any artificial flavors.

Bud Light lime taste and nutritional value

Bud light lime has a clean and crisp taste; this citrus beer provides great refreshment with a tinge of natural lime flavor in each sip.

Knowing the nutritional and alcohol value of any beer before trying is very important, so this refreshing beer contains 116 grams of calories with an alcohol content ABV of 4.2%.

Drinking Bud Light Lime

Grab bud light lime beer bottles for barbecues or any outdoor gatherings that demand refreshing drinks, and also save some of this bottled beer stocked in your cooler so you are ready when it's time for a Bud Light Lime.

Enjoy this refreshing drink on hot summer days, and you can also have it in the evening after your meal to get the natural taste of freshly squeezed limes.

Reasons you should stock Bud light lime

The popularity of Bud light lime is increasing day by day, making it the best drink. Therefore it's essential to look at the reasons contributing to its favor.

Nutritional Labeling On Bud Light lime

One of the widely known facts is that Bud Light has exceptional drinkability and tongue-tickling yet revitalizing flavor, making it the most wanted beer globally. But apart from this, an essential factor is that this beer has nutritional labeling.

Seemingly, Bud Light is the only beer in the world to possess a nutritional label behind it which makes it more interesting.

As per a press release, the packaging of Bud Light includes information regarding carbohydrates, sugars, proteins, total fats, saturated fats, trans fats, etc., per serving of the beer.

The reason behind mentioning nutritional facts is that it gets more transparency and helps in achieving the trust of the consumers.

Less calorie content

Bud light lime has fewer calories in it as compared to many of its ‘apparent’ counterparts. The reason is straightforward, and that is less residual sugars, the lesser alcohol content of bud light lime which results in a lowered calorie count.

Less alcohol content

It is an obvious interpretation that this drink was brought up as a competition to a then-famous beer- Miller Lite. By that time, Miller Lite was doing exceptionally well in the market; it was the reduced alcohol content of Bud Light merged with the evolving ‘diet trend’ of the nation that caused it to become one of the preferable drinks of all time. The alcohol content is a significant consideration amongst consumers and has been strictly monitored in all beer variants.

If you would have observed carefully, the Bud light lime contains funky ingredients, and caramelized sugar is one of them, which not only provides a distinctive taste to the drink but also allows for bringing out a pleasing aroma.

Exceptional marketing strategy

Another crucial factor is a phenomenal marketing strategy and labeling that is making it extremely popular.

Availability in different packaging

The availability of Bud Light lime in cans and bottles, and even draft kegs, makes it easy to stock for any restaurant.


Lastly, all such factors together make the Bud Light lime emerge as the best beer of all time in the States and the world. So enjoy Bud Light lime as it is an easy and pleasant drink that commends well on a warm summer evening.

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