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Upcycle Your Wine Bottles into Beautiful Lanterns

Wine bottle lantern supplies

Turning empty wine bottles into unique and functional lanterns and lamps is far more creative than throwing them away. It will not only give an elegant look to your house, but also you will have a lot of fun while making them.

Here is the step-by-step procedure to help you to upcycle your wine bottle into a beautiful lantern and lamp.

Wine bottle lanterns

These are the steps that you need to follow to make a wine bottle lantern supplies.

Tools and Materials


  • Wine bottles
  • Power drill
  • Masking and electrical tapes
  • Eye protectors such as goggles
  • Votive or tea-light candles
  • Electrical wire

Cutting of bottles

After gathering all the materials, you need to drill a small hole through the glass large enough to contain tea lights easily. Wear Safety goggles to protect your eyes from any damage. It’s entirely up to you where you want to drill the hole, but ideally, it should be near the bottom, around an inch above where the glass starts curving into the base. Place masking tape on the spot, so the drill bit doesn’t slip.

Note: Before cutting the bottle, remove the label from the bottle by soaking it in hot water.

Create loops in the wire

The next step is to cut and strip about 3 feet of the wire. Starting from one end of a single wire, form a coil approximately 1 1/2 inches across and then create a 90-degree bend. Once your wire is wholly stripped, slightly bend one end to make a small hook. This is the hook you will use to hang your light inside the bottle.

Now on the opposite end of the wire, using a screwdriver handle, wrap the copper wire around it four or five times to make a little loop you will put your tea light down into.

Feeding your tea lights

Next, you will place your tea light in this coil, and after doing so, tie a string onto the hook end of the loop and feed the twine through the neck of your bottle.

Use hot glue to secure it, and wind some of the extra twines along a few inches of the bottom of the glass. This step will help hide any blemishes left over.

Hang it wherever you want

That is all you need to do. Now you are ready to hang it wherever you desire. You can also try changing this up with different colors of glass bottles, and if you feel nervous about using traditional tea lights, you can go with synthetic ones.

You can use these bottled tea lights to decorate any indoor or outdoor event, or you can choose to use them to delight in your own space.

Wine bottle lamps

The procedure for making wine bottle lamps is almost the same as for the lanterns, with slight variations. Here is a brief outline.

  1. Firstly you will need to cut the glass bottle and make a hole using the drill.
  2. Next, you will take the wire and pull it out through the hole.
  3. When the wire runs through the bottle, settle down all the wiring and place the lampshade on top.
  4. There you go; your lamp is ready to use.

Upcycled bottle lamps are the perfect height for desktop task lighting and give off a warm glow on countertops, buffets, and side tables. They are also excellent for your vintage-inspired decor or any space giving a buzz for chic sophistication. Pleasure yourself with a wine bottle lamp, or think of gifting it to your loved ones.


Lastly, not only can you upcycle your empty wine bottles into elegant lanterns and lamps but many other crafty adventures. You can use them to make glass pebble pendant lights, colorful vases, glitter wine bottles, rainbow lanterns, colorful chandeliers, and much more. Therefore think twice before wasting any of your empty wine bottles.

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